Bed stands revamped with chalk paint

Hallo there

The year is in full swing already.  I have moved from my house of 360m2 to a flat below the house of  62m2.  As you can imagine it is a big squeezzzzze. Can’t invite friends, can hardly move around the place and of course can’t find a bloody thing.            Boohooooooo:(:(:(

What I have been doing since the 1st of January is selling my not needed stuff on every online marketplace that I can find.

With this post I would like to share one of my revamps that I sold recently.

These two bed stands [is that the correct description?; they look more like small chest of drawers] were given to me by a lady who moved to an old age home.  Though practical, they are NOT beautiful. 

I am a strong believer when decorating ones house [or designing ones house] to aim for the best balance between practicality and aesthetics.  Although old; these bed stands were sturdy and in a good condition.

They were made of melamine and horrific plastic beige handles.


JN180 Before
Practical but very boring [apologies for the bad pic]
I have lots of left-over paint. I mixed some left over paints to get a duck egg [with blue undertone] colour. I make my own chalk paint; this was ideal to cover the smooth melamine finish.

I did not take photo’s of my process of revamping the bed stands.  To give them more texture I layered the paint.  First the duck egg blue and then a very light grey paint.

The new wood handles were also painted with the duck egg blue and then I gave them a tickling of gold/copper paint.

The bed stands were finished with a fan stencil. Painted in a darker duck egg blue tone and with a sprinkling of gold/copper paint.

Here is the final product.

Upcycled, revamped BED STAND [no is item #]
Sold the pair for R1 300.00. Hooray!!!


Below is another piece that I gave a new jacket.  I have had this chest of drawers since before I had my children.  It was painted a bright yellow in enamel paint. I keep forgetting to take BEFORE photo’s.

Again, chalk paint came to the rescue. This time I used baking soda to make my own chalk paint.  Using baking soda gives the paint a rougher texture.  I first painted the piece in left over brown paint but hated it. Having mixed a large amount of duck egg paint [and loving the colour] I decided to use it again.

Here is the final piece.


The inside of the drawers were decoupaged with dress patterns

I lined the inside of the drawers with old dress pattern pieces. Next time I will first paint the wood white before decoupaging the pattern pieces.  The new handles gave the piece it’s final UMPH!

Sold for R800. Another Hooray!

Keep well until next time.












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