Coat hanger

Found this road-side kill and transformed it to a practical coat hanger. Ideal for a small entrance hall.


  • Chalk paint
  • Re-cycled pieces of wood
  • Pages torn from an old book
  • Wood glue and water
  •  Old hooks and keys
  • Metal paint
  • Furniture wax
  • Terps
  • Sandpaper 200 grit


  • Paint brushes
  • Wood saw
  • Screws
  • Old socks or rags
Coat hanger before
The original piece I found next to the road
Coat hanger 2
Started with cutting two lenghts of wood for extra hooks
Coat hanger 3
Decoupaged the drawer inside with pages from an old book. I used clear varnish to seal the paper.
Coat hanger 4
Gave a light sanding and then painted with my home made chalk paint. Three layers to cover properly.
Coat hanger 1
Finally a good wax. I use old socks.
Coat hanger 5
The hooks on the right are old recycled hooks.  The new hooks were too bright so I painted them with bronze metal paint.
Gave the drawer handle also a bronze finish with metal paint. 
Coat hanger d
Bent old keys to serve as key holders
Coat hanger g
And here is the finished lady
Coat hanger a

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