Fabric Face Mask

Uniquely designed masks. Adjustable, reversible, only one knot to make, two fabric layers with replaceable filter pocket, keep around your neck for all day access.


I work with what I’ve got [passionate recycler]. I use scrap pieces of fabric to sew the masks. Therefore, most masks are unique and can’t be duplicated. However, I can send photo’s via Whatsapp of stock in hand.

Fabrics are 100% cotton, cotton/linen blend or poly cotton. All effort is made to check that the fabrics are in accordance with Government’s recommended guidelines, but I can’t be held responsible for any unforeseen mistakes.

For orders please email me @    janee.yebo@gmail.com

Orders can be collected in Dalsig, Stellenbosch or a courier service can be arranged.

Review by Cathy Dreyer: I love my mask. It is beautifully made from original, cotton fabric.  The design is unique and very user friendly. Only one knot to tie and when one is not using the mask, it hangs conveniently around one’s neck. Durable, comfortable and long lasting.  Highly recommended.

Model: Anna Dreyer

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