No-Sew Curtains

No-Sew Curtains

I added a small dedicated sewing nook to my exiting sewing area. I needed good daylight to sew and a permanent cutting table. It became too much of a hassle to cut everything on the lounge floor. This small [3.6 square meters] area freed space to install the cutting table.

I spent so much time on planning the building and the outside painting that I completely forgot about curtaining. For security reasons I needed curtains when moving into the new sewing room.

Quickly made a plan and within an hour had a curtain up and hanging. And I did it all “with what I had”!

What you will need:

  1. Fabric [I used very cheap polyester ShweShwe]
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Pins
  5. Clips
  6. Rings
  7. Pole

Measure the width and length of window. Add about 20 cm to width and length .

I made the curtain double. The back will act as a lining. If you do not have enough fabric or the fabric is thick enough only cut one length . Using pinching shears also helps prevent the fabric from fraying.

Fold the fabric double and pin.
Iron top fold flat.

Attached rings to clips as shown

Divide the clips to the top fold of the curtain. I folded the curtain in half and attached the clips across from each other to make it easier to have an even distribution.

Thread the pole through rings. Keep the rings on the same side to prevent curtain hanging skew.

Hang the curtain and:

There you have a no-sew curtain made in an hour with “what you’ve got”.

View from outside. I chose a Shweshwe fabric with a plainer pattern and colour scheme to compliment the Ndebele design painted on the outside of the new sewing room.


Instead of throwing out old curtains, use them as lining for a temporary solution or permanently should the colours and design fit your outside look. When using a patterned fabric as a lining make sure the design and colours match the outside look of the house.

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