Yebo (Hi) I am Marianne.

I am a mega collector and have great difficulty getting rid of stuff. I am also an avid recycler and have started to upcycle / repurpose old, broken and unwanted pieces of furniture and I’m loving it!  In addition I make aprons, oven mits, scatter cushions, throws and table cloths. Check out my SHOP for the latest ietms.


Trash or Treasure


Ja-Nee is a very typical Afrikaans expression. It is a contradiction as the literal translation is yes-no, but is normally used to emphasise the affirmative. I searched for a name for my shop that sells Trash or Treasures – depending on the buyers point of view of course! The name Ja-Nee is a playful way of expressing that contradiction of YES it is a Treasure or NO it is Trash. For more explanations and examples of Ja-Nee click here

Swart bank 033

The idea of Ja-Nee started when one day my garage was full to the ceiling with stuff. Stuff collected over decades, stuff from my parents house, stuff from my holiday cottage, camping stuff, broken stuff, kids stuff, just stuff stuff stuff!
But looking at all this STUFF I also realised that others might treasure my stuff.
Ja-Nee…… my TRASH might be your TREASURES….


Furthermore it is not only getting rid of all the stuff that I have, but also recycling / upcycling / repurposing items and finding interesting items that people don’t like and to give it a whole new LOOK!