Fabric Face Mask

Uniquely designed masks. Adjustable, reversible, only one knot to make, two fabric layers with replaceable filter pocket, keep around your neck for all day access. R50 I work with what I’ve got [passionate recycler]. I use scrap pieces of fabric to sew the masks. Therefore, most masks are unique and can’t be duplicated. However, IContinue reading “Fabric Face Mask”

Left over Fabrics: Few Examples of What I Made With Them

Collecting Fabrics is a Passion of Mine.  Making Things from Left Over Pieces can be very Creative. I Made Lots of Scatter Cushions   I Had Chairs Upholstered See Before and Afters   I Had a Lot of Fun Making my first Quilt I Have Now Started Using Schwe Schwe Fabrics        Continue reading “Left over Fabrics: Few Examples of What I Made With Them”

Bed stands revamped with chalk paint

Hallo there The year is in full swing already.  I have moved from my house of 360m2 to a flat below the house of  62m2.  As you can imagine it is a big squeezzzzze. Can’t invite friends, can hardly move around the place and of course can’t find a bloody thing.         Continue reading “Bed stands revamped with chalk paint”

Dark Ceilings: will it work?

I grew up with the idea that ceilings can only be painted white, right? Wrong!!!!!!!!!!! Here are three reasons why you should consider painting your ceilings with darker colours. Dark ceilings adds drama to a space. The dark hues give a totally different mood and atmosphere to a room. It is a myth that darker huesContinue reading “Dark Ceilings: will it work?”

Chairs in bright colours

A collection of sturdy chairs newly painted and upholstered in beautiful bright colours. I had so much fun to upcycle these chairs. The guest house, Bonne Esperance, gave them to me when they changed ownership. The chairs were originally made by the pre-1994 Public Works Department. Pre-1994 the department provided furniture (amongst other things) for all civilContinue reading “Chairs in bright colours”