Left over Fabrics: Few Examples of What I Made With Them

Collecting Fabrics is a Passion of Mine.  Making Things from Left Over Pieces can be very Creative. I Made Lots of Scatter Cushions   I Had Chairs Upholstered See Before and Afters   I Had a Lot of Fun Making my first Quilt I Have Now Started Using Schwe Schwe Fabrics        Continue reading “Left over Fabrics: Few Examples of What I Made With Them”

Bed stands revamped with chalk paint

Hallo there The year is in full swing already.  I have moved from my house of 360m2 to a flat below the house of  62m2.  As you can imagine it is a big squeezzzzze. Can’t invite friends, can hardly move around the place and of course can’t find a bloody thing.         Continue reading “Bed stands revamped with chalk paint”

Chairs in bright colours

A collection of sturdy chairs newly painted and upholstered in beautiful bright colours. I had so much fun to upcycle these chairs. The guest house, Bonne Esperance, gave them to me when they changed ownership. The chairs were originally made by the pre-1994 Public Works Department. Pre-1994 the department provided furniture (amongst other things) for all civilContinue reading “Chairs in bright colours”