Fabric Face Mask

Uniquely designed masks. Adjustable, reversible, only one knot to make, two fabric layers with replaceable filter pocket, keep around your neck for all day access. R50 I work with what I’ve got [passionate recycler]. I use scrap pieces of fabric to sew the masks. Therefore, most masks are unique and can’t be duplicated. However, IContinue reading “Fabric Face Mask”

Left over Fabrics: Few Examples of What I Made With Them

Collecting Fabrics is a Passion of Mine.  Making Things from Left Over Pieces can be very Creative. I Made Lots of Scatter Cushions   I Had Chairs Upholstered See Before and Afters   I Had a Lot of Fun Making my first Quilt I Have Now Started Using Schwe Schwe Fabrics        Continue reading “Left over Fabrics: Few Examples of What I Made With Them”